NLA-C Events

 Dec 6 CommUNITY Meet & Greet
 Dec 17 NLA-C Monthly Meeting
 CNX ~ Dec 20 CommUNITY Meet & Greet ~ Canceled

Dec CommUNITY Meet-n-Greet

hosted by NLA-C & MORAL
wednesday dec 6, 2017
6:30pm - 8:30pm
location: Club Diversity, german village
863 S High St, Columbus, OH 43206

NLA-C Dec General Meeting

sunday dec 17, 2017
location: AWOL Bar, the Barracks
49 Parsons Ave, Columbus, OH 43215
1pm - 2pm board meeting, the Barracks out back
2pm - 4:00pm general meeting, the Barracks out back
$5 donation suggested, open to the public (18 and older)

"Dirty" Santa Gift Exchange & Potluck

Please join us in the final NLA-C event of 2017 and beyond. As the Chapter prepares to be placed on hiatus, we are still full of love and care for our Community and are looking forward to celebrating this event again this year! Of course..

In the spirit of the holidays, we will not have a regular presenter (or an irregular presenter...smiles), instead, we'll do a kinky/adult gift exchange and potluck. If you wish to participate in the kinky gift exchange, please bring a wrapped kinky/adult/or just generally nice gift valued at approximately/no more than $25. Participation is optional, but it is always a lot of fun! Contact one of the board members if you have questions about the gift you're thinking of bringing or would like ideas for gifts, or have any other questions or concerns.

For the Potluck, we'll be setting up our feast in the Barracks! Plan to purchase your beverage of choice from AWOL (they do sell an assortment of sodas and can make a variety of mocktails) as they have been part of the NLA-C family this year by donating their space for our shenanigans and showing an unending amount of support for our organization.

All the National Leather Association of Columbus events are open to adults of legal age (18 years & older); you don't have to be a member of the NLA-C to attend, anyone can come to the meetings! And, of course, anyone can donate to the "NLA lunchbox of donations" which funds the venue and assorted outreach programs. You DO have to be 21+ in order to purchase and/or imbibe alcoholic beverages.

Wondering what to wear? No worries, come as you are! You need to be street legal, but there's no restriction beyond that. You can wear a jock with your crack covered or you can wear that ugly sweater and fleece pants you love for the holidays and we'll love and welcome you just the same.

CNX ~ Dec CommUNITY Meet-n-Greet ~ canceled

hosted by NLA-C & MORAL
wednesday dec 20, 2017
6:30pm - 8:30pm
location: AWOL Bar
canceled due to scheduling conflicts (& holiday shopping!)

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