Become a's easy! Fill out the form, get us the're IN!

local membership dues $20
international membership dues $20

Printable Membership Form (pdf file)

You can join the NLA filling out a membership form, attaching a form of payment (check, money order, or cash-in-person) and mailing it in (mailing address on the membership form). Or bringing it to a meet-n-greet. Or by giving the form to a board member.

Need more details? Drop us an email and we'll try to help!

the Board

Contact any of the NLA-C Board Members with questions:
Meitreya, acting Co-Chair
Attila, acting Co-Chair & acting Recording Secretary
jzemie, acting Corresponding Secretary
Markher, acting Treasurer
the pennygurl, acting Member-At-Large

Check out the by-laws here!

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